52 Acts Of Rape? Baylor University Hit With Another Lawsuit

Another former Baylor student filed a 26-page lawsuit against Baylor University on Friday alleging that 52 acts of rape were committed by 31 different Baylor players between the years 2011 and 2014. Her lawsuit also alleges that Baylor’s football program provided drugs and alcohol for potential recruits and that the women of Baylor’s hostess program were urged by coaching staff to have sex with them, ultimately fostering a culture of rape.

Baylor’s Board of Regents acknowledged in May that members of the football program had interfered with investigations of players under suspect of rape, including some who had already been convicted of sexual assault previously.

Former Baylor head coach, Art Briles

Former Baylor head coach, Art Briles

The results of their investigation led to the firing of Baylor's former head coach, Art Briles, as well as the resignation of former Baylor President Ken Starr. It’s the sixth federal lawsuit that has been filed against Baylor as the university has seemingly shown a consistent inability to properly respond to allegations of sexual assault, whether the accused were student athletes or purely academic students.

Ernest Cannon, Art Briles’ lawyer, played down the situation telling The Associated Press: “If they were doing that it, would be terrible, but they weren’t doing that. Art wasn’t involved in anything like that. Lawyers have great imaginations when money is involved. It’s really sad.”

In a letter published on the university of Baylor website, Interim President David Garland addressed the situation stating:

“Our prayers go out to those who have been impacted by sexual assault in their lives. While these are certainly trying times for the Baylor family, my commitment and respect for the university remains strong. I am reassured by the work we have done to increase sexual assault awareness and prevention, fully implementing best practices in Title IX operations and providing support services for all students who need them. Baylor University remains steadfast in our mission of educating students in a Christian environment for leadership and service.”