Lebron's Halloween Party Featured a Curry Doll That Guests Were Forced To Step Over

     Another installment of Cleveland Cavaliers’ shade towards the Golden State Warriors.

      Last year, The Cavs held their annual Halloween party, and it featured a few “shout-outs.” Sources say that there was a Stephen Curry Doll positioned at the entrance of the event in a manner that all guests had to step over it just to enter. Another noteworthy element captured at the event was a skeleton-laden drum kit with “3-1 lead” posted on the front of it.

     In addition, The Cavs laid out a spread of snacks and desserts that even included special edition Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson tombstone cookies. What's perhaps most interesting, however, is that the information about the doll didn’t leak until after the Cavs had defeated the Warriors on Christmas day, so who’s to say that there isn’t additional information being held back until further notice?

     Perhaps if these two teams meet again in the NBA finals with a similar result, we’ll be treated to more of these “shout-outs.” We can only hope.