Rajon Rondo Takes Shots At Jimmy Butler & Dwyane Wade On Insta

Rajon Rondo openly took exception to comments made by Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade Thursday night when he put out a post on Instagram questioning the leadership of the Chicago Bulls star duo.

After Wednesday’s 119-114 home loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Butler and Wade threw out shots, openly questioning the hearts of their teammates and their wills to win. Wade said, “I don't know if they care enough. So I can't say it is. I wish I could say that everyone in here is going to go home and not eat tonight. I can't say that. I wish I could, but I don't know that they care enough.”

As for Butler's comments, “M-----f-----s just got to care if we win or lose. At the end of the day, do whatever it takes to help the team win. You play your role to the tee. Be a star in your role, man. That's how you win in this league, man. You have to embrace what this team, what this organization needs for you to do on either end of the floor.”

In response to Butler and Wade, Rondo compared their leadership to the leadership of his former veteran, Boston teammates Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. He noted the consistent effort they brought to games and practices, as well as the accountability they take took upon themselves regardless of the results, and thereby subtly questioning Butler and Wade’s willingness to pass the blame to everyone else for the Bulls 23-24 record struggles.

As the February 23 trade deadline approaches, there’s a clear divide that’s being drawn within this Bulls team, naturally magnified by their on-court struggles. It remains to be seen what sort of move may be made to rectify the Bulls’ issues.