The Kolor Komplex is an online magazine that reports on breaking news in culture, entertainment, politics, and sports, as it relates to black and various other American minorities. In addition, we provide analysis and opinion on a range of topics from a black perspective. 

The aim and desire of the magazine is to inform, entertain, and provoke serious thought and introspection surrounding issues, both good and bad, that are central to the black American experience. 

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Upon creation of the magazine, The Kolor Komplex would like to thank a few people that helped inspire such a venture: Deborah C, Lorena B,  Joyce C, Edison "Pop" N, Darryl C, Sandra R, William M, Darrel C, and Thepa K.

Finally, thank you to every reader and subscriber of The Kolor Komplex, your time and attention is much appreciated. 

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